PC vs Console Differences

Differences from PC edition

The Xbox 360 Edition was released based on an earlier version of the PC edition (Beta 1.6.6), and therefore lacked some items and features, such as sprinting. The first major update occurred on June 15, 2012, fixing minor bugs and adding minor features; it does not have a PC equivalent. The second major update occurred on October 16, 2012, adding features from Beta 1.8.BUT now with updates does have more features like sprinting

  • The Xbox 360 Edition doesn’t make use of the standard crafting interface as in the original version, but still has similarities to the PC’s 2×2 and 3×3 crafting grids. The interface doesn’t require the Player to place items in the correct place in a crafting menu, but simply shows the blocks required to craft the selected item, and crafts it if the Player has enough blocks.
  • The game features split-screen functionality,[7] however an HDTV with a Component or HDMI cable is required for Split-Screen play. Split-screen functionality works with a VGA connection to a PC monitor as well as HDMI-to-DVI cables to a PC monitor. Up to 4 players can play in split screen*, as well as the possibility to play 8-person online multiplayer game modes in split-screen.
  • You cannot change a world‘s difficulty while in game. You can however change it when you select the world that you want to play.
  • You always begin a new world with a map.
  • Unlike the PC version, each world in the Xbox 360 Edition is currently limited to 864 by 864 blocks. Because the outer-most block is unusable on each side of the map, it is effectively 862 by 862 blocks that can be used. It is expected, but unknown if the world size will be increased along with the updates that will bring the Xbox 360 Edition up to date with the PC version. The PC uses virtual memory which allows to swap chunks in and out of memory, drastically increasing the size of the map. It is unknown if the Xbox has the capability of doing such.
  • Unlike the PC edition in which players have the ability to use any image file as their skin, the Xbox 360 Edition only allows players to choose from one of the skins available as default or from downloadable content.
  • Breeding and utility mob spawning works the same as the PC version with the exception of limiting tamed Wolf and Snow Golem populations to 8. If the player attempts to tame or breed a 9th Wolf, it will be killed by other Wolves, and if a player attempts to build a 9th Snow Golem, upon placing the pumpkin all three blocks will break, dropping one pumpkin and eight snowballs. Also, Wolf pups are born with full health and will reach adulthood without player input.
  • Snow Golems will attack Creepers in the Xbox 360 version. Be careful when using Snow Golem sentries near your structures.
  • The Nether is limited in size and because of this the movement distance in the nether vs. the overworld is 1:3 verses 1:8 in the PC version.
  • The edge of the world can not be mined and is completely sea. The edge of the map is a strip of water surrounding the map and then an invisible barrier in which all players can not gain access to. This causes problems as some times chest in ‘abandoned mine shafts’ generate at the edge of the map, so they are inaccessible.

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